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Does Bunny need a Vet Trip?

Your rabbit is now becoming an adult. You should be very proud of your furry little friend--and at this point, that's precisely what he or she should be. The two of you should have a very comfortable bond. Your rabbit may even greet you at the front of its cage in anticipation of interaction.

However, an adult rabbit still has a very specific set of milestones one would expect to see.

Questions to Ask Your Veterinarian

One of the least asked but most important questions a rabbit owner should ask is whether or not their rabbit's teeth look properly worn. While this includes the front incisors, any good rabbit vet should look deeper into the mouth and inspect the rearmost teeth as well. It is most often these that cause problems, or even death, in rabbits.

A urinary analysis can be helpful with bucks to predict any sort of bladder stones that may be forming, again, especially in miniature breeds.

Typical Behavior

The average rabbit should be playful, bright-eyed, and eager to eat. The coat should be plush and without any sign of matting. Urine burn in a clean cage should be considered a huge worry as, males specifically, those rabbits suffering from UTIs, bladder infections, kidney stones, and other such ailments will be prone to this affliction.

It is normal for both genders of rabbits to want a nesting box or a darkened hide in which to feel safe. This is especially true for rabbits that are a little more on the nervous side of personalities.

Yawning is to be considered normal, but repetitive yawning three or four times in a row is not. Rabbits that keep yawning may have a sinus infection, allergies, or a tooth growing in a painful location or manner.

When to Worry

A lot of people shrug when their rabbit is acting out of the norm. After all, these are prey animals and sometimes prey animals conduct themselves differently than we would. Right?

Wrong. A prey animal whose personality or behavior has suddenly changed should be at the vet yesterday. That animal has something wrong with it and the fact that you can see it is a huge tell that it's a serious problem. Prey animals do everything that they can to blend in and appear healthy. If your rabbit is acting off, get to a vet now.

So how do you tell that your rabbit is acting off? Is your rabbit lethargic? That's a vet trip. Has your rabbit decided that it doesn't enjoy its food anymore? Vet trip. Laying in urine or feces? Vet trip. Raking itself against the bars of its cage?

You guessed it: Vet Trip.

When it comes down to it, you know your rabbit better than anyone else. You know what your rabbit's normal attitude is, how they behave and how they interact with their surroundings. If your rabbit is just a little off one day and fine the next, keep an eye on it but don't panic.

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