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Our Story

Hi there! Im Jess... proud mommy to the original Zany Bunny

It all  started in July 2017 when I adopted a sweet little baby bunny and became a crazy bunny mom. I had done a lot of research on bunnies and then searched for rabbitries near me. I found one that I fell in love with and immediately reserved one of their dwarf holland lop babies. I was so excited that I went to the pet store and bought everything I could find for bunnies... which was way overkill but who can blame me! A few days later and I was able to pick up my 8 week old bunny. After I picked him up I realized just how much personality this little guy had and how eccentric and unique he was (which is also how he got his name!). Once I had him home for a while I figured out there was a lot I had yet to learn which is when I dove head first into the rabbit community where I connected with so many wonderful people and was able to learn from all of their experiences. The Zany Bunny was started to contribute to this community and share more experiences so that others may benefit as I did. 

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